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Studio Boss at Condé Nast, Photo Coordinator at Condé Nast, Shooter at Lita Corp. That one,100 sq. ft. mid century industrial loft house is available, vibrant, and well-equipped for photograph and movie shoots together with staging for editorial, list and promotion shows. Shopper region, make-up stand and exclusive dressing room in each business with usage of bathroom and typical home with bath. We've area that may be hired out for large events (i.e: celebrations, trend shows, industry occasions) along with smaller characteristics, we've several individual studios that may be employed for photo-shoots, castings, dance rehersals, read throughs, plus much more.

With water views and superb area, Kayak is an excellent area for photography movie capture that is / or almost any event. In tune using the growing neighborhood home is called by it, it provides two modern business places that have hosted shoots and events of sizes and all shapes. We can be counted on by you to get Profoto s with 2 brains, D- Stands A-Clamps, Comfortable package, Umbrellas, as well as other contemporary photography gear. Each studio also have 500-sq ft firing at spot with fantastic natural lighting and is 1200 sqft with 12-ft high ceilings.

That one,100 sq. ft. mid-century professional attic place is open, vibrant, and well-equipped for photography and movie launches together with staging for editorial, collection and advertising productions. Region that is buyer, make-up individual and table dressingroom in each studio with use of common kitchen and Photo studio new york toilet with shower. We've space that may be rented out for significant events (i.e: celebrations, style exhibits, industry activities) together with smaller functions, we have many specific companies which can be useful for photo-shoots, castings, dance rehersals, read throughs, plus much more.